Crystal Energy Design Quote:This natural crystal raw stone diffuser night light is made of high-quality crystal and natural crystal raw stone. It not only has a unique shape design, but also can emit a strong aroma, so that you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere at night. At the same time, its light luxury without fire aromatherapy essential oil fragrance is also very suitable for family and friends as a gift. Whether it is placed at home or in the office, it can add a warm and romantic environment to your furniture.



Monochrome nightlight + open aromatherapy bowl Orange salt Stone 420G+ essential oil 10ML, Monochrome nightlight + open aromatherapy bowl, white crystal 420G+ essential oil 10ML, Orange salt Stone 420G+ essential oil 10ML, White Crystal 420G+ essential oil 10ML, White turquoise 420G+ essential oil 10ML


The raw stone is about 2-3cm


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