The designer said: crystal gemstone is a natural mineral, each of each has its unique face, its internal ice cracks, surface stone patterns, mines, trachoma, color difference and other natural formation. Limited by the process, it is difficult to avoid human defects, including small beads, grinding hard injuries and other workmanship will also appear defects, holes and other phenomena. We shoot in kind to show the real side of the product to the customer. We maintain a high elimination rate and screening mechanism, quality service will be delivered to your hands. Please look at natural products objectively and feel the beauty of nature.


Name: Crstal Pillar gift box set   

Mateial: Natural crystal

Size: 4-5Cm Pillar                           

Set weight :About 310g


Packing box: 22.5*7.5*3.5cm

Note: Our products are all physical shooting, due to shooting equipment and lighting and other factors,

there will be color difference on different displays, this situation is a normal phenomenon. Please customer friends to receive the actual subject       


crystal pillar set-D


Weight 1 kg
crystal pillar set

Set-A, Set-B, Set-C, Set-D




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